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I have substantial experience developing software and executing projects in varied domains including robotics, distributed systems, and embedded platforms. I'm enthusiastic about building modular and composable systems and libraries with a focus on correctness, simplicity, and testability.

I'm adept at applying and understanding mathematical tools from fields like machine learning, optimization, and statistics to solve engineering problems.

While I'm skilled with a number of programming languages (including modern C++, C, and Python), I'm particularly captivated by the benefits of statically-typed functional languages like Haskell, OCaml, and Scala.

Who I Like to Work With

It's essential for me to constantly improve what I do and how I do it. I love to learn and teach. Being surrounded by people who share these values is very important to me. Strong technical and organizational leadership is critical. I also highly value positive and supportive workplace environments, and I work hard to create and maintain them.

Brief Employment History

Uber Logo

ScyllaDB (Remote)

Core software engineer for Scylla, an open-source and high-performance drop-in replacement for Cassandra written in modern C++.

May. 2017 – Present

Uber Logo

Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Software Engineer for the core platform powering self-driving cars.

Feb. 2016 – May 2017

PagerDuty Logo

PagerDuty in Toronto, ON, Canada

Software Developer for distributed systems in Scala.

Jan. 2015 – Jan. 2016

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA, USA

Researcher and Software Engineer Intern for an in-production large-scale distributed storage and data processing system.

May 2014 – Aug. 2014

Arista Networks Logo

Arista Networks in Santa Clara, CA, USA

Software Engineer Intern with Arista's high-speed network switching platforms.

Jan. 2012 – May 2012

BlackBerry Logo

BlackBerry in Waterloo, ON, Canada

Embedded Systems Developer Intern and Acoustic Systems Intern.

May 2011 – Aug. 2011

Sept. 2010 – Dec. 2012

IDT Logo

Integrated Device Technology in Toronto, ON, Canada

ASIC Systems Engineer Intern for video-processing chips

Jan. 2010 – May 2010

May 2009 – Sept. 2009